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album: "This Is Killing Me" (2014)
1. Chosen Undead / Instrumental
2. Hollowed Out
3. Turning 20 Something
4. Dead Already
5. Dying Days
6. Punk Rock Is Stupid
7. Bury Me
8. Nowhere Bound
9. Death Before Decaf
10. This Is Killing Me
11. Write On
12. A Perfect Waste Of Time
EP: "Positively Depressing" (2013)
1. If Only I Could Be So Grossly Incandescent... / Instrumental
2. Rude Girls Know What's Good
3. Dead End Town
4. Drunk Again
5. Token Song About Cops
6. From The Inside Out
7. Positively Depressing
EP: "Screaming By Myself" (2012)
1. Here Goes Nothing... / Instrumental
2. Ruthless World
3. Insane
4. Screaming By Myself
5. Rejects From The Dead
6. Writing You Off
7. Set It To Fire
8. Dead Chords
EP: "Sleeping Is For Suckers" (2012)
1. Intro
2. You Make Me Sick
3. Breathe
4. Gimme Coffee
5. All Washed Up
6. Straight Forward

Punk rock
Crack rock steady
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