"Punk Rock Is Stupid" lyrics


"Punk Rock Is Stupid"

I'm stuck here at the punk rock show
And everybody is ready to go.
Who's got the tallest hawk
The most studs pinned to their belt?

Punk rock is stupid I think this scene is dead to me.
I guess I'm just not punk enough cause my parents get along with me.
We all pretend that this thing called "punk" is still about unity.
Its the same ones who preach this shit who think they're too fucking cool for me.

Punk rock is stupid.

Listen up this dying scene is just one big fucking joke.
Contradicting what you say by the cards that you've all dealt.

Throwing up words your favorite bands all call disease
Its so sad in all the worst ways, its one big hypocrisy
Punk rock is stupid its become so clear to see.
We've become the world we hate and its such a tragedy.

This scene has become a circle of fools
Young stupid tools its just like high school
No one gives a shit about the music or the scene
All they want to do is prove that they're more punk than me
You've killed this for us, what happened to you?
Gone and ruined the one thing I thought would stay true
After all this time, it's ironic to see
That we're the cops and hypocrites we said we'd never be

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