"Write On" lyrics


"Write On"

I take the long way home, it's the only way I know
I feel alone on the busiest avenues
I take out a cigarette to ease my mind
I thought told myself that this would be the last time

I'd play the fool again, to hate myself again
How the fuck is all of this suppose to end
Remind me why I never sleep at night
We all write on until 'till everything's alright

And when it all just falls apart again
Write on, write on write on

Say goodbye to me my friends
I'm locking the door until this ends
These four walls will be my cage
Until the sickness starts to fade
From pen to paper, heart to hand
No songs enough to understand
When it falls apart write on my friend

(Write on)
Write on my friend

I let myself believe
That you were done with me
Hello again my friend my beautiful agony
I write some lousy songs
To pass the time
It really sucks when you're stuck on the first line
Am I the fool again? I hate myself again.
How the fuck is all this supposed to end
Remind me why I should get some sleep at night
We all write on 'till everything's alright

When it falls apart again
Like it always does
Write on my friends
Write on till the end

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