"Rude Girls Know What's Good" lyrics


"Rude Girls Know What's Good"

If you see me at a show
I hope that you're not shy
Get up on your feet
Lets skank on through the night
These words will carry on
I know you'll sing along
Dancing to the beats
Of our favorite songs

What would I do? [x3]
For the chance to dance with you

Please be my rude girl
Rude girl you know whats good tonight
Dancing to the music and it feels so right
There's nothing more I want right now
than you and me and a night on the town

Lets go for coffee after the show
And stay out all fucking night
And never come back home
Forget our dead end jobs
The bullshit that were dealt
And tell you how I really feel
The best I've ever felt

For just one night
Lets forget everything
For just one night
Lets own this city

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