"All Washed Up" lyrics


"All Washed Up"

There goes the thunder and now comes the rain
With the weight of the world just going down the drain
Street by street and block by block
I'm closer now than I've ever should of got
Each step I make just an honest mistake
I'm taking whats mine and what I love to hate
I keep my head down when blue skies turn grey
As the rain falls everything washes away

All washed up and torn
I'm sure it drifts to the shore

Is this all a dream it's still a mystery to me
The evidence is lost and thrown away to the sea
The cracks on my head don't match up at all
To the blood on my hands and my bathroom walls
2 guitars and 12 broken strings
A notebook of songs that I'll never get to sing
I can't help but look back and laugh

Now I'm all washed up
(I look back and laugh)

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