"Insane" lyrics



If you ever wondered why I'm so bitter
Well I'm staring at the sky and its only getting dimmer
I'm afraid ill admit after all I'm only human
Raised to make mistakes and live off my delusions
But as my days go by I sit and wonder why
Sometimes I cant relate to anyone or anything
But the world will always turn regardless what I think

I really hate to sound like a broken record
But I feel like I am crazy I guess its for the better
I rather be this way then chained to your lies
You call this growing up I think I rather die
The weight of my decisions gather up on my back
My bones bend and break but my heart remains intact
I know who I am can you say the same?
If society has taught me anything its I rather be “insane”

I wont give in that easily (Of course I am afraid)
I will hold onto whats left of me (and my insanity)

Yes I'm afraid
to carry on this life
Afraid to lose my mind
my heart and my soul
Yes I'm insane but I will live this life
My heart is my own
I won't give you control
Of all I am

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