"Drunk Again" lyrics


"Drunk Again"

Wake up Sunday morning without a fucking buck
I've got to go to work but I'm still fucking drunk

I...rocked the shitty 5 dollar pint
What the fuck did I do last night?
My head still hurts like hell
Glasses broke but I cant tell
I Lost my hat I hold so dear
Among the empty cans of beer
I wont drink until this ends
Oh wait it seems I'm drunk again

I'm drunk again

Can someone tell me where I am
I've got no money for a cab
A pizza pie is what I ate
No wonder why I can't lose weight
Did I confess my love for you?
That's what drunken me loves to do
I won't drink until this ends
Oh wait it seems I'm drunk again

I never seem to get it right
I'll drink a case myself tonight
Wake up on the bathroom floor
And I won't recall the night before
I should have never sent those texts
Now I'm talking to my ex
I'm waiting for this day to end
So I can just get drunk again

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