"From The Inside Out" lyrics


"From The Inside Out"

On my way back one night
From my shitty fucking job
To my shitty fucking house alright
I got the urge to head to the store
to cop some fucking pills
Like I did for years before
But I'm not like that not anymore
But the demon inside rotting at my core
Is bashing my skull against my bedroom wall
And clawing at my skin waiting for your call

I'm lost
I don't know what to do except write these shitty songs
And tell myself you were right all along

You ever feel like you've lost your grip
On something you loved before you slipped
Well I do every single day
I've spent too many years just rotting away
I don't wanna go back
To the darker days before

There's no turning back

I can't let this sickness win
I'm rotting from within
What's lost can soon be found
From the inside out

All I wanted was a fucking end
To this life of mine but I would just pretend
That things always went my way
Yes I'm fine and ain't life great
My days are dark but they were much worse
But sometimes I feel like I'm right on course
For the life I swore I left behind
Where I sat at home just waiting to die

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