"Dying Days" lyrics


"Dying Days"

Just one more song
To end the night, I'm kinda fucked up
My vision is a blur my speech is kinda slurred
I'm living on the edge the corner at the bar
My friends are all here but my mind is so far away
From everything I need but what I want is still just killing me
Or maybe I'm still just killing time
'Cause at the end of day we all just wanna die
These dying days
Are here to stay

Welcome to hell
I want you to stay
Spending our days
Just rotting away
I'm not crazy
I'm just bored
And a little lost
But you've heard this before

Don't be surprised
If I'm lost at your door
Or a call in the night
Begging for more
These dying days
They're here to stay
These dying days
Are eating me away

If you wanna fuck with me
Get used to misery
'Cause we're all just down and out
That's what these days are all about

Just one more drink
To forget the night, cause I'm a fuck up
When will I ever learn, will I ever get my turn?
My chance to live a different life
Where I stab myself in the back and I wont ask why
Dead or dying its all the same you see
So I pour myself a drink but don't you pity me
We're all just trying to kill some time
'Cause at the end of the day we all just wanna die

Could you get used to this?
It's miserable old me
These dying days are here to stay
I could use some company

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