"Hollowed Out" lyrics


"Hollowed Out"

Everyday it's all the same,
We wake up dead and play their game
There's no humanity left to steal, we're hollowed out
Gathered and lead like sheep
To kill ourselves but the dead don't speak
Off to school or off to work our souls are lost either way

Just another day
We're hollowed out
It's just another day
Our souls are lost either way

Hey Hey
We're hollowing out

It feels like I've gone insane
With the thought of losing everything
Friends become enemies to fear, we're hollowed out
No one will know your name
But who is left to take the blame
Off to work or off to war we die the same either way

Caught in a loop, or stuck in a trance
Hold on to yourself, 'cause there's no going back
You're giving up, giving in but I wont hollow out
Your soul is all they really care about
Left for dead and rotting from the inside
They paint a pretty picture and feed you all in lies
Its on your TV, the films and magazines
Its the life we all dream of with no humanity

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