"Straight Forward" lyrics


"Straight Forward"

We always run in circles
Doomed to repeat ourselves
Haunted by our decisions
We create our own living hell
Tell me what you want me to be
And I'm promise ill never let you down

Nobodies fucking perfect I promise that's the truth
Don't let the fucking past always catch up to you
I know it's easier to rot than to give it a shot
Trust me I'm a pro I do it a lot
Quit looking for a crash cause you know this wont last
You can tell yourself again like you've done in the past
Leave it all behind now is the time
To figure things out and move on with your life

The poison will fade
There's hope in your veins
Don't wether away
Everything will fade

We let the walls close in
Until we gasp for air
Tortured by all our visions
Until we break and tear
Tell me what you want me to be
And I promise ill never let you down

I feel it in my veins
Cut me up and let it out

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