"Dead End Town" lyrics


"Dead End Town"

This towns dead to me, why cant you see?
That no one ever seems gets out alive
The sun never shines, just the darkest skies
It's got the power to keep us hypnotized
So we dig our graves, but who is left to save
When everyone is a victim of its crimes
It takes your family, it takes your friends
In this town it begins where it ends

This is no fantasy it is reality
These streets will break your fucking heart
But as you lie there in your bed
You'll remember the awful things we said

Someday, were gonna get out of here

Each afternoon, leads us to our doom
And just like that we forget all the same
So we jump in line, begging to die
As everyone tries to point the blame
These stubborn walls, the dirty bathroom stalls
They become our only ticket to fame
It will bring you down, this sad dead end town
I don't wanna be a player in this game

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