"Token Song About Cops" lyrics


"Token Song About Cops"

You're out to start the day and abuse everyone
Protect and serve? Ha what a fucking joke
I hope you fucking die in the worst way tonight
You're a racist piece of shit you're a power hungry pig
Abusing our rights and killing innocents
And you go home with a smile everyday
You can tell yourself what your doings okay
People die everyday from those meant to keep us safe
Scot free they walk away these pigs need to fucking pay
Don't show them respect cause they don't respect you
Tell them to fuck off it's the least you can do

Fuck The Police!

It's a shame we cant feel safe anymore
When its you the police who beat us to the floor
You wave your fucking badge, with your head held high
We're gonna cut you up and fry some bacon tonight
Fuck your stupid quotas, unwanted stop and frisks
It's time for you to die and you wont be fucking missed
You give the honest cops such a bad name
The world fucking hates you and you're the only one to blame

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