"Turning 20 Something" lyrics


"Turning 20 Something"

Featuring Atrocity Solution

I rose up from the dead 20 something years ago
To rot upon this earth, you can say it isn't so
I'm still searching for something, a meaning in this life
Something to believe in before I fucking die
Give up? HELL NO! All alone I must walk
With my dreams in my hand but I ain't one to talk
I'm not sure where to go, or even to begin
So I'll write this song to you and pretend I fit in

Pretend I fit in, Yeah

Each day, each night I wonder where I should belong
Nothing matters at all when you're turning twenty something
Each day each night I wonder if I belong
No one cares at all when you're turning twenty something

Well you know who to call
When you just don't care at all
We're the same, why cant you see
We're all part of this pathetic disease
Life is catching up
Am I giving up?
Sometimes you need a slap in the face
To remind yourself of all your stupid mistakes

I can't, I won't, I cope, I lie
I laugh, I smile, I breathe, I cry
I can't, I won't, I hope, I die
We live, we learn, but not all survive

Toward the end of my twenties I've got nothing to show,
But this debt that has been collected and the stories we've wrote.
All of the dreams that I once had are now a thing of the past,
And these scars are the reminder of the journey we've had.
So where am I to go. Another disappointment down this dark and lonely road.
We're running out of gas and my pockets are wearing thin,
From this path we have chosen there's no way we can win. Yeah yeah yeah!

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