"Positively Depressing" lyrics


"Positively Depressing"

Do you believe this life that we lead
Is really meant for us or what we really need?
Well I'm sorry if you're a friend of me
Cause I got the whole world as my arch enemy
Yeah I'm positive that I'm depressing as shit
But I've got few reasons to get over it
We can lie here all we damn like
But just pass me the blunt and I'll pretend I'm alright
I see the world for the way it is
And I know you do too and it makes me sick
I wish I could be a little more like you
On the brighter side of life we choose
You say "whats there to be sad about?"
And sometimes I cant seem to figure that out
So maybe I got it all wrong
But I can bet my life that you knew it all along
We all search for something more
Or just someone to have and hold
We are few but were not alone
We are lost but we'll make it home
We all search for something more
Or just someone to have and hold
We are few but were not alone

I swear without you I think id be dead
But There still so much more that I left unsaid
When life wont quit dragging me down
At least I got friends to keep me around
I promise you are not alone [x2]

If you're anything like me
You will welcome catastrophe
So please oh please
Will you hate the world with me?

There's nothing left to separate
Between the lies that we all create
I know who you are and for its worth
You're the only good thing left on this earth
So we just keep walking down dead end streets
With no where to go and no where to be
I cant quite tell through my blood shot eyes
What you think of me on my darkest nights
Let the smoke just fill the room
And ill spill my bitter cold heart to you
So I never have to live another day
Telling myself I have nothing to say
I still owe so much to you
Like whats left of me and what we oughta lose
I promise I'll always be by your side
Cause rejects like us only live or fucking die

You are not alone

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