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album: "Everything Is Fine" (2013)
1. Shot Down The Moon
2. Sundialing
3. Even Dirt Finds Its Way Home
4. 135.9^2 mi
5. Ocean House (Everything Is Fine) / Instrumental
6. Pt. I (The Sun Is Gone)
7. Pt. II (Before It Shines)
8. Dead Creatures
9. Far
10. The Weather Is Worse Than Before
split EP: "The Summer I Joined The Harlem Globetrotters (Alaska/Oranges)" (2012)
1. Kite Flyer
3. Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money
EP: "Palcaptain" (2012)
1. Palcaptain
2. Graveyards
3. Oakbuff
4. Settlements
5. Vineyards
EP: "Demo" (2011)
1. Bears.
2. Golden.
3. Oakbuff

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