"Graveyards" lyrics



Watch me as I indulge myself into melancholy mindsets
I can’t see myself to overcome.
Feet planted on rooftop edges with the worst intentions.
And have you been chasing all the tire swing dreams?
And as autumn approached you held back from making believe.
Star crossed landings.
I’ll follow you home, swallow you whole. I’m taking control.
Evening lighting aligning the avenue,
laughter heard only when you’re alone.
If attention is all that I ask for
why’s it nothing has changed since the day I caught yours?
Though the night it collapsed on your grave
I remember the last things you said
before spreading your wings to take flight,
grand finale to ill-fated lives.
I’ll visit the depths of your mind,
memories that haunt you insides.
A blind spot the naked eyes,
the same eyes that ignored all your cries
have no problem with sleeping at night.
With regret and respect I construct my goodbye.

Thanks to 666HockeyHERO666 for these lyrics

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