"Palcaptain" lyrics



I walked a long way home today.
Just to make some time before I leave this all behind.
Just to follow the same old path that leads to the aftermath of verdicts I’ve hosted.
Oh happiness where is it that you nest?
I can’t seem to find you.
And I will have to fight with nothing by my side,
but the will to stay alive.
Oh the will is going blind.
Where this trail will trace is much better than this place.
Nothing can outweigh my want to get away.
As December draws near where do they go?
It’s what I want to know.
It’s where I want to be.
What happened to all the smiles, and the laughter?
I can’t abide without them.
I will visit their very place.
Just a step is all it takes. “All eyes on me.”

Thanks to 666HockeyHERO666 for these lyrics

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