"Pt. II (Before It Shines)" lyrics


"Pt. II (Before It Shines)"

String along and I'll be your tape deck
plays a tune in your head
reservation trip to hide the explosion.
So you went out of your way and rolled a gamble.
Now it's the reason we say fill me a sense of satisfaction.
Kill me I'll keep on breathing through this song.
At the cinema! Chemical killer!
Sergically restored.
Castle barrier met the fist of Charlie Snow!
Stay up to carry the daze
Too week barring to win
Chris stole Christy Anne candy from Big bird and Rusty Jones.
Too cool to sleep on her own
Prestige a sick color
Alive some anthems tell us what is going on!
And the river has been holding on
It gets foggy in the fall
I'll be the first to admit that I'm a mess now
Heard you'd be coming around and around and around

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