"Settlements" lyrics



Did you see their faces, disappointed and lifeless?
Were you there to witness the scene?
Were you there to provide comfort,
or to finish the job you started?
Oh please finish the job you started.

I’ll sit here and wait patiently.
Impatient I sit.

What’s the use if words are slowly growing dull?
And as I climb in (through your old window)
I fall upon the mask that you once wore.

Is it not enough that I give a fuck?

And I know that it’s too much
so for now we’ll keep in touch.
And I know that it’s too much
yet I try.

And your intentions were good.
They were just misunderstood.
And If I could then I would.
Yes, I would visit your grave.
See your smile is the same.
Put to rest all the shame.
And forget that day.

So just find a place
we’ll hide away forever.
I’ll keep you safe
we’ll leave this place behind and run.

Thanks to 666HockeyHERO666 for these lyrics

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