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Pacing these steps I seem to forget where I went wrong.
I’m suddenly so desperate for answers that don’t seem to come along.
Please! I’m struggling to find any reason.
I have given into these beliefs the day we meet
we’ll fall asleep
and live in dreams that branch out from the soil we reside on.
And oh how the day will be conquered
and we’ll watch them just to admire
sights of sunsets we’ve spent so much time on.
I assure you they will never fall,
but they all fall down.
I’m pacing these steps
as I recollect why I’m stuck in this mess.
Why I love these broken stairs,
torn up jeans from wanting a reaction,
the high school fields this is where I’ll meet you there.
This is why I try.
I am sitting on sidewalks, I’m burning.
I’m surprised that you came along.
My concern is my words won’t defraud me as I offer you my world.
In your hands it will settle,
its roots entangled with your veins.
Nightly I’ll await your kiss,
delighted that we’re both in this without a question.
Side by side we’ll fall asleep.
Hand in hand we’ll wait for death to show himself,
but the truth prevents this from happening.

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