"Kite Flyer" lyrics


"Kite Flyer"

Curious to find in eastern night
lit a torch hidden from sight
making it hard to coast along the desert skies.
You know sometimes I feel mountains impostor borders,
they're keeping us inside.
Keep your eyes focused.
We're only getting by.
You wear a smile for them,
but don't let them inside.
Deceived is what we are,
the fallen stars.
We shoot out when it gets dark.
They watch and wish to come along.
Somewhere out there we'll fall apart.
We'll learn as we float along.
Then he sailed the skies again wondering if anyone would witness.
There he lay alone in bed patiently for anyone to call.
They never seem to find the time but I don't mind it.
Distracted and preoccupied they've forgotten.
We must remind them.
Curious you hidden deep inside the desert.
I've heard so much about you.
Curious you pack your bags in August weather.
I bet you'd really like to.
Let expectation rest.
I'm only here for conversation.
Wait before you go to sleep at home just for the night.

Thanks to Ghost kid for these lyrics

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