"Vineyards" lyrics



You kept it. You kept it,
kept it in the core of your throat
and swallowed whole, and swallowed.
And as you fell to the floor,
who was there to help you restore
the life that you’ve been needing the most?
You meant it. You meant it.
You built it up and lost control.
So pick right up and watch the setting unroll.

Back to the start
in that vacant parking lot,
the one you swore you forgot.

And tell me how does it feel
to know your words you speak are furthest from real?
Now that your faced is revealed
tell me how does it feel?
And everything you defend
doesn’t matter in the end.
Your life is broken instead,
a puncture too difficult to mend.

So tell me,
where the hell do we go from here?
So show me
what to do when the time comes near.
Embrace it. Embrace.

(I’ve been walking a long way home today.)
Just to kill the time I had.
Just prove that I was glad
to take the path we took,
and stood through all the strain endured.
Because tomorrow holds happiness
it’s not a matter of finding it.
It’s there! It’s there!
It’s everywhere.
I woke up and saw that the sky
eventually falls into night.
Oh what a majestic sight.
The darkness lead me
to center of your dreams.
And I can finally convey that I’m sorry.
So follow through,
I’ll follow you.
‘Cause they can’t do
what we can do.
We’ll refine the mess we’ve made.
Because frankly I’m through with running away.

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