"135.9^2 mi" lyrics


"135.9^2 mi"

I shut the doors it's more than time we're dispensing.
Forcing the locks, your panic will prevent an escape.
You must live in it.

Don't keep your eyes closed because I'll follow.
Heard you've been keeping everyone drowning
You must live with it.

And the distance, I'm with it.
Catching the huntridge while it's still on fire
I keep discouraged the extinguisher.
I ring the evidence along the hall only to prove what you've been
Chasing after may dissolve.

I set the current that broke through the dam
The ghost of whoever can rest now.
A journal entry is all that remained
You forged it out of receipt transmissions.

Lie to me and say the murder team removed he clutch.
all systems go misplacements been mistouched?

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