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They are watching closely at shadowy figures following every move for leverage.
Whip lash took the best of them. Suction cups couldn't steal the air I breathe.
Common doors where sickness latched onto the walls of dying man
were brushed off by the idea of falling in
deeper than the sergical degree of the mind you tried to erase.
All become suspects to accomplice.
Parents stand defeated not knowing their own strength.
Every man will have I.T.S. day.
The cold mixed with the wild crating the villainous pretension of antagony.
Her anxiety takes more than filling gaps. More than scratching backs.
There is more in the way that I walk!
There is more in these pain chambered eyes.
A passive setting to agree on which color is brightest.
There is no reason for causing blindness for any greater good.
Greater good ceases to exist.
I hail from better than greater or greatest.
Locomotive mindsets took their steel carving stitches across the nation,
and the sons and the daughters brought up from it.
The generation of the bucket list has emptied.
(And you are all gonna die)

Don't frame me to be in an empty hall of fame portrayed and framed,
portray and frame me to be in an empty hall of fame.

You picked your poison. Told us how much it burns.
A heart with a constant struggle is no reason to skip a turn.
You picked your poison. Told us how much it burns.
My world is an orphan. I'm 'bout to set it in motion!

Headlight reaction! Foots left the ground! (I'll catch your fall)
Offer anesthesia! Numb the pain you feel! (and carry it)

We've come too far to just settle.
Hide behind your mirror prove that I'm alive.
Heard that you are stable oh delicate. Delicate.

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