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album: "Hell Is Empty" (2009)
1. I'm Out
2. Dead Weight
3. Two Words
4. Part One
5. Part Two
6. Convenient Gods
7. Meat
8. Loneliest Of Hearts
9. Committed
10. Solitary
album: "I Heard These Dudes Are Assholes" (2008)
1. Once Loved
2. Paint Peals
3. Adhering To Superstition
4. Lockjaw
5. Getting Over The Overs
6. Out Go The Candles
7. A Bridge Too Many
8. Six By Six
9. Dear Philadelphia
10. Sincerely
11. Paint Peals (Demo)
12. Adhering To Superstition (Demo)
13. Six By Six (Demo)
14. Lives We Fear (Demo)
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