"When The Mourning Ends" lyrics


"When The Mourning Ends"

Don't tell me you love me,
just tell me you will not leave,
cause tonight is one of those nights
when I'm only interested in one fucking thing.
I got a lot of dependency issues.
And needless to say I hate to be alone.
You may not be important to me tomorrow,
but right now you're all that I fucking got.
I won't mislead and I will not lie.
You'll know my intentions before you walk through the door.
I may speak with clever gestures,
anything to make you feel at ease.
Please don't say this is forever,
I tend to forget what that word means.
I'm more interested in the "right nows,"
just please promise you won't leave.
I've made choices- that have got me nowhere
but back where I started.
This all may be a mistake, but what's a few more.
I've been told that I have baggage...
well I've lives, loved, fucked,
and will die as young as I possibly can.
But for right now I just can't be alone

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