"Six By Six" lyrics


"Six By Six"

And wait before you open your mouth.
When your advice was fucking needed I was no where.
I was no where to be seen.
I have taking advice much less needed before,
but yours could of changed it all
it yours could have been worth the time.
You old fool; you thought you knew it all.
And for that I savor each day for that I am in your debt.

The greatest thing you ever said was to just be happy

No matter what the fucking cost.

Now on that day I listened loud and clear
I heard every fucking word

If not for bad luck I would have none
and some days I still feel like shit

And when it rains it fucking pours
and when it rains its fucking pours
when it rains when it rains it fucking pours.

And I'm digging ditches but I'm still smiling,
I'm still smiling I'm still

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