"Paint Peals" lyrics


"Paint Peals"

It's 1 am and that tow trucks not here
It was due an hour ago
I’m counting high beams in hope of killing time
I have had too many longest nights of my life
Spelling destiny in gasoline… writing passages in sulfur stains
So this is it this is how we die
So if this time isn’t like the rest
If I could only be so lucky
Inside jokes that tell our stories
I’m such a serious dude
Now pacing highways on cell phones
This is such a waist of time
But this time won’t be the last this time won’t be
So one day I won’t be totally angry
And one day ill be short on words
But freedom comes with a price but
Holy shit, who fucking cares?
This time it’s for me
This time it’s for us
So fuck you fuck you
And I'll never say stop

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