"Lockjaw" lyrics



Again you open your mouth so quickly spewing out
sentence fragments explaining your belief in fairytales.
Those superheroes- those pages of assholes
that supposedly set moral standards…
with every ancient text shit onto paper
explaining how we live our lives
I could give less of a fuck what you believe…
but to each there fucking own-

There is nothing after this we are all going to rot

So I believe we are the godless we are the doomed

Too much of a good thing can make a man choke
so before I vomit take a step back you are not me

It takes guts to stand against modern day society
and we will never fall in the line with the fucking sheep.
Whom herd towards a relic forged in deceit placed in pride
as a reminder of a finger that never stops shaking at you
when in there eyes you have committed a wrong against the cloth.

This is my rebuttal this is my counteroffer
I will fear you no fucking more.

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