"Kiss That Motherfucker Goodnight" lyrics


"Kiss That Motherfucker Goodnight"

Eye to eye, I'll keep my composure
Hands shaking and these fists will be tightly clenched
I want it back, I’ll say for the first time.
Every ounce of fucking air you’ve never appreciated
If this is all that I am a series of choice words
you’ll never hear this angelic voice again.
I’m tired of talking in circles explaining what you don’t get;
you’ve never lost, never loved, never ever fucking lived.

You left me for dead once. How could I forget?
Now I can see right through your hollow empty eyes,
I will never again go unnoticed.

Say this is jealousy that I’m feeling well then I’m fine with that.
You have a certain characteristic that gives you the means
to not feel a fucking thing for anyone that isn’t you.
Now tell me you’re not fucking selfish.
For every kind hearted word that I spoke to you.
I beg I could take back every syllable you ripped from my mouth
as I screamed for you to understand.
What it feels like to not be as important to someone as they are to you.
Well I’ve been on both ends and my lesson was learned.
So I tell the stories of collapsed lungs
so maybe the fortunate could get a fighting chance to just cut and fucking run.

Fuck saying the right things- I’m sick of being your crutch.
I will never pick you up again.
Don’t show me that face, you know the one that I’m talking about.
You will never get under my skin again.
Not another word. Not sorry for shit...
I’m leaving you breathless broken alive

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