"A Song For Beggars" lyrics


"A Song For Beggars"

So here’s your song and the words you asked for
but I’m sure it’s not what you wanted.
It’s not beautiful or gracious it’s a warning
to anyone who has yet to meet you.
Don’t tell me your sorry because I’m pretty sure
I promised myself I would never ever again
believe a single thing you say.
Seek your attention elsewhere
tell him how many times someone stepped on your heart.
But he’ll have to take a fucking number,
because those eyes are an amazing thing.
But who knows, on you what’s even fucking real.

Go ahead say it tell him all how you were crushed.
How perfect you can be but don’t forget to mention
how far you can spread your legs.
I’m sure that will get there fucking attention.
Yea I’m sure, yea I’m sure you’ll get just what you need.
Fuck Fuck Fuck

And we all know the things you’ve done
no need to tell us because everyone fucking talks

Oh yea.

Waste your tears on somebody else

You’ll find acceptance on your back.

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