"Part Two" lyrics


"Part Two"

The two of us we burned like shining stars

We flicker then faded now it’s a fucking black whole

Crushing our lungs, we broke our hearts

The tears didn’t flow until the front door shut

The jokes went stale and we forgot how to laugh

Some good things they never will stand a chance

I guess you and me baby we were doomed from start

I should have stayed on the road and never came back

Sometimes I think I could have tried just a bit more then I did
but I’d be lying to myself if I thought it would have helped

Not everybody is meant to be no body is meant for me

I don’t need your pity I don’t need your time

I'll just borrow love I borrow lies I tell myself a lot of thing

I sleep alone a lot of nights I’m in love with a lot of lies

No one saves me from me, from me Ill always blame myself
Some habits never change I love a train wreck I love a sad song
Maybe I do this for me maybe you were right about maybe you were right about me.
Some good things aren’t meant to be Nothing is meant for me

There is no fairy tale ending

There is no happily ever after

You just live, you just die but maybe you’re a lucky one

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