"Sleepless" lyrics



I could say almost anything right now
I’m not too good with closed lips.
I’m not too good with awkward silences

And with a slip of my tongue...
those nights turn to shit,
this friendship could turn to shit.
Thrown to the wind, every breath, every word,
every action defined in a second of my thoughtless emotions

Taking a chance with our time spent sitting
and laughing about embellished stories,
regaling each other with our most embarrassing moments.
You’ll chain smoke the night away
and I'll keep talking to the point that most would be annoyed
but you never say shut your fucking mouth.
I would give anything to say what I think right now.

Ask me a question and I'll do my best to not lie
but if I say what’s truly on my mind.
You are the price I‘d pay.

Thanks to mikecrucial for these lyrics

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