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album: "Blind To What Is Right" (2011)
1. Blind To What Is Right
2. Everyone Who I Knew And Loved Is Gone
3. Wash Away My Sins
4. Hollow Pain
5. A Stranger To Myself
6. In Silence Together
7. Downstream
8. Into Darkness / Instrumental
9. All That's Left To See
EP: "No Love Can Save Me" (2008)
1. No. 51
2. Hello Uncertainty
3. Epilogue: Forgiveness
album: "One Year Later" (2007)
1. Unloved / Instrumental
2. Wasted
3. Empty Words
4. Alcatraz
5. Nineteen Years Young
6. Stranded
7. Panicstricken
8. Memoirs
9. Heaven
10. One Year Later...
11. ...Everything Has Changed / Instrumental

Melodic hardcore
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