"Stranded" lyrics



I remember you walking out the door about a year ago,
to give it all up for a shot in the dark.
life is plagued with hours of meaningless work.

The mistakes I've made I must live with,
but at this point I'm not sure how long that'll be.
Fifteen minutes away, two thousand miles astray,
you left me like a ghost town to fall and decay.
I'll be stranded on my own. I'll be left to die.
I was in love with just the idea of you,
but we haven't spoken in so many nights.

My mind is now blank where knowledge could be.
My heart now has a hole where your love could be
where your love could be.
Not being able to think is killing me.
The color has been ripped from my heart, now I'm just straight bleeding blue
Bleeding blue.

Thanks to hammahduncan for these lyrics

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