"Hello Uncertainty" lyrics


"Hello Uncertainty"

I woke up the same as I did every day,
but something has changed. Everyone has gone insane.
So I turned on the news to see why everyone has lost their minds.
I watch as her tear-raped cheeks report about her life, about how everyone must die.
Welcome to a world where no laws exist,
Where your life is completely meaningless.

I can't believe in something I can't see.
Now that I know the world is ending,
Shouldn't you be showing yourself to me?

I wish I could have been on number 51
but as the sky bleeds fire, I know I won't be a lucky one.
Goodbye to a world that never loved and hello uncertainty.
Millions lined up at the churches' doors to repent for their sins
but just keep sinning, just keep sinning.
We are the greatest plague the earth has ever seen.

I'll hold my breath until I come close to death,
and once my heart stops beating, I won't have to see this world crumbling.
Chaos has erupted in the streets.
Goodbye to a world that never loved and hello uncertainty.

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