"Panicstricken" lyrics



I chose death over life, wanted to meet my maker.
I was dying inside.
Pain too great to deal with made me try to take my life.
But now I've seen the light,
I've got a second chance at life
I'm not retracing my old tracks, I'm never going back
to the locked doors, and the blinding lights,
to the uncertainty of whether the next will be a good or bad day.
I never want to wonder what life would be like without me in it,
cause I'm alive. I'm done wanting to die.

I've taken what I've learned with me, it's all I know.
And I'll be kicking my old shit out the front fucking door,
'cause I don't need it anymore.
I'm taking steps forward, one foot at a time,
making sure not to fall. It'll be the last trip of my life.

Reaching up while this ship sinks to the bottom of this dead ocean.
A thousand stars..
a thousand stars couldn't shine through everything we've been through.
In this world that has no meaning.

I'm never going back to locked doors.
I'm never going back to blinding lights, to blinding lights.

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