"Blind To What Is Right" lyrics


"Blind To What Is Right"

I'm not content with giving in to this world's misleading.
No place to put myself to rest, or find hope in something new.
Because at the end of the day, I always end up feeling the same way.
I've grown up a mile from where my lifeless body will end up being,
from where my soulless body will decay.

And I've noticed I can't keep my hands from shaking.
And I've noticed I can't keep my mind from racing.
And all I want to find is a better way to put my mind at ease.
Instead I scream myself to sleep in hopes that someone will hear me.
I'm still screaming. Can you hear me?

And I know that one is already too many to keep around me.
I'm always haunted by the thought of letting down everybody.
I've made the mistake of telling what keeps me up at night.
Sometimes I dream of dying, and when I die,
There won't be anything.

You heard my screams, but continue to believe their lies.
You just sit staring back at me with those hopeless eyes.
Your empty words mean nothing to me.
Stop trying to tell me why I want to find some meaning in life.
I want to know everything's alright.
But these sleepless nights bring my anxious fights
to not tear out my eyes and be blind to what's right.
Blind to what is right.

Thanks to hammahduncan for these lyrics

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