"No. 51" lyrics


"No. 51"

All aboard the conductor screams.
He knew he was the only one that could save their dreams.
He had to pick who lived and died solely by occupation.
He played god in all their lives.
He was the reason why a million people had to die on that day,
and as he stared into all their faces,
he heard the screams of those trying to be saved.
He played God in all their lives that day.
Nothing's as scary as the world crumbling.
Nothing could numb the pain of knowing tomorrow will never be.
He lit up a cigarette in hopes to calm his nerves.
And as smoke filled his lungs, he prayed to an unmerciful lord.

"Excuse me sir, I forgot your name.
I'm just another nameless face that won't see another day.
Excuse me sir, I'm sorry that my worst nightmares on my only grip on sanity.
Now I wish I could save this world from dying,
but now it's my turn to become another
piece of matter floating endlessly through the abyss above.
No love can save me. No love can save me."

Time stopped. It went all black.
All the memories that I've had from my past escaped from my brain.
The silence, deafening, could drive one insane.

All that I've worked for and all the friends that I've made
Are just as useless as hoping a god might come save me.
No one can blame faith for trying to ease the pain,
But when the world ends, there will just be nothing.

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