"A Stranger To Myself" lyrics


"A Stranger To Myself"

I've tried to wrap my mind around the thought of forgetting all that I've been taught All I've done with my life has brought me here, not my hopes, my dreams, my fears And even though I've never been too sure of who I am I can still feel the blood pump beneath my skin Straight to my heart, poisoned with lies that I keep I stare in the mirror and I don't even know, who I see, what I've become A stranger to myself, avoiding everyone else I've been signing my name in blood just to get out Escape to a place that could never exist I regret all the chances that I have missed I hand my self out instead, torture myself with this hate Outsiders know me better than I know myself Here's a glimpse into my world just to have something to hold onto My world just gets smaller and turned inside out While the people who talk never need the help My life is not just a story, an end to the beginning of a picture perfect journey that I travel myself All I can see when I look around, are people living lives of misery The people's eyes, they still hold fear The people's words, they're so insincere The people's minds, they're still unclear They don't seem to bear the burden of what's real Abandon any image of who I am Alone, all alone again Abandon any image of who I am Alone, all alone again

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