"Nineteen Years Young" lyrics


"Nineteen Years Young"

I'm nineteen years young, and my mind is weathered.
I'm nineteen years young, and things aren't getting any clearer.
Since '88, I've felt this hate,
suffocated by my inability to overcome the unknown,
only fragments of memories that I can't piece together.
I can't turn inwards because I can't see,
because I can't fully understand who I was born to be,
I have a family who will always love the me that they never see.
My tormented soul ravages me.

After a lifetime of praying I'll come to an end,
only to find my years of praying have fallen to deaf ears.
Ideas come from nowhere.
Where was the beginning of it all?
I've cheated, I've lied, I've stole, I've sold my soul
All in hopes of ending it all
the future I see looks bright but the lights are dimming
the future I see looks bright but the lights are dimming
but the lights are dimming.

I'd pray to him if I thought he was real.
I wouldn't question him if he could make me feel anything other than apathy,
anything other than certain tragedy.
I've got no other choice but to have faith in life.
Regardless of the end, I must live my life.
I've seen the world in black and white,
as if every day I live is a memory of another life,
as if every day I live is from another's life.
From another's life.
From another's.

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