"Hollow Pain" lyrics


"Hollow Pain"

Another song with no soul, another word with no hope, another scream with no voice.
And all that we've ever had is really just nothing that we wished it were.
And still we stay on this same path, and still we play the same actors
in the same sad shows of how we're still searching for a way to have it all,
Dance the night away to the same songs.

I'm always apologizing when I've done nothing wrong.
I'm always apologizing when I've done nothing wrong.

But what is life and love without hurt and pain?
What is another sad song without sad words to sing?
So let's give this a little meaning, cause there's a few things I've been thinking.
And there's are few people who aren't who they think they are.

Perfection is something you think you've obtained,
And I hope you make it through the rest of the day
without drowning yourself in someone's hollow pain.

You've never known real sacrifice, you'll never understand true pain,
As I'm still fucked up from last night's attempt to forget everything.

Years spent building the tallest walls just to keep myself locked in.
It will never matter any way, I'll never care about anything
as much as you care about your self, as much as you love yourself.
In your mind, the world just spins around you, while you keep laughing to yourself.
You only love yourself. You only love yourself.

I'm growing up just to get there to find out it's just what I thought it would be.
I'll keep loving, I'll keep living, while you only love yourself.

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