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album: "...Are You Lame Or Something?" (2003)
1. Intro
2. Lies
3. Day By Day
4. Helpless
5. W.I.M.Y.
6. Pushed
7. Our Own Salvation
8. Gonna Break It
9. No Respect
10. Better Off This Way
11. Here It Ends
12. Look Back
13. Walk Of Life
14. I Got No
15. To All My Friends
album: "Pick It Up" (2001)
1. Tuesday
2. Mind Game
3. Pick It Up
4. Matilda
5. The Sun Is Shining On Me
6. Best Friend
7. Times In Oblivion
8. You Better Watch Out!
9. Crying On My Own
10. Easy Come, Easy Go
11. Situation
12. Egg

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