"The Sun Is Shining On Me" lyrics


"The Sun Is Shining On Me"

Sometimes when I am down, I just close my eyes and think.
How the hell did I get myself in this mess?
Teardrops dancing, I'm crying, can somebody help me please.
I don't know what to do about this.

But when the light comes up from the dark horizon, that I have within me.
I feel so good inside.
Ever had that feeling? Ever had that whohohoo?
It's like the sun is shining.
Even in the rain, even in a stormy night.
All the bad things has flied away.

Like a ten ton hammer with a tip of fire, crashing in my head.
A thousand thoughts exploding in my soul.

When I fall into this state of mind. These metamorphoses.
It's like my world collides.
Ever had that feeling? Ever had that "NO!"?
It's like the darkness rules.
Even in the summer, even on a shiny day.
Stop now, and make this go away.

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