"Our Own Salvation" lyrics


"Our Own Salvation"

Hey, may I have your attention?
Please look this way one second.
I've got something to share, and I just wanna say it out loud.
If you're feeling glad, don't lock it up inside.
So come on, jump up and start moving around.

Life's to short to waste it away.
So start to make a difference today.
If you've got a dream or two.
Then it's something you should pursue.

If you don't know what to do, if you do not have a clue.
If you're thinking that "I can't get done".
Then it's all in your head. Remember what I said.
You can do everything you want to.

Cause we make our own salvation.

What you wanna do is really your decision.
I'll just mean what I mean, and let you have your own opinion.
But if you're feeling sad, just lock it up inside.
Listen up, get down and start moving around.

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