"Times In Oblivion" lyrics


"Times In Oblivion"

How could I ever understand how this was for you?
And could any of my words linger your pain?
Whenever I see you, I still think about the day you came to get some help.
I stood there with nothing to say.
Why was it so hard for me to tell you that I care about you?
What can be said to comfort you? I din't know what to do..
In the church when you looked at me.
Outside when I cried for you.
What a bittersweet life.
Why did your father have to die?
Now I just can't stop thinking about all the times I wish I had told you.
That time, falls into oblivion.
Try to understand that life is so fucking surreal.
Try to talk to me. Tell me what you feel,
and let me say I care about you.

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