"Mind Game" lyrics


"Mind Game"

Once again...
You're playing with my brain. You're driving me insane.
You're running me over like a goddamn freight train.
Pushing me closer to the edge...
I'm gonna fall into the realms of my mind.
Fucking with my simple thoughts, fooling with my easy mind.
Lurking in the shadows nearly all the time.
I walk around a corner, and I see you.
Pretty please tell me what you're trying to do with this behaviour!
You accomplish nothing by deceiving all the others,
with your psychopathic mind games.
I won't fall down and out again.

Do you know how people feel when you act this way? (Psychologically)
Do you know how it is to feel, when you ain't got a feeling?
Do you get the feeling? (No!)
Look back, rewind the tape.
Take me back to when I hadn't met you.
Erase the words you said.
With you in my mind I feel so dead.

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