"Tuesday" lyrics



Can't wait to get off work, to see you guys.
And start to play with all of the little energy I've got left.
Every Tuesday, it's you and I and a wall of sound.
It's the passion and heart, it's the look in your eyes.
Like nothing else matters in the world.
Feeling so good, I'm free as a bird.
I hope you feel the same way too. So I'm not being played as a fool.
Cause my heart belongs to the band. It is my destiny.
And if people don't like the way we play.
They can go away, cause we all know:
That on our show, we play for fun, and not for the fame.

Your all like my brothers, and I feel like we're a family.
When we're playing, we're getting it on. Having fun just playing a song.
Don't feel sorry, just be merry. Let the music flow through your body.
Leave your problems at home.
Just have fun when everyone drops to this every single Tuesday.

When I think about it. This really can't be faith.
It's just like everything was meant to be.
Cause when some people have this strange connection,
it can't be a coincidence that they met.
What comes around, comes around hard.
I believe that this is a perfect match.
I just wanna thank you for being a part of my life.
It means the world to me, to see you play those songs I wrote.
Cause when you play it goes back on who I am.
And warms me up, deep down inside my worried heart.
Thank you for everything I have!

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