"Matilda" lyrics



Late at night, I like to take a look at what we've made.
Cause you are a piece of me...
And I wonder about the wonder I see.
Still so innocent, still so free.
What are you gonna see?
Who are you gonna look like? What will you be?
Will you dare to do what you really wanna do?
Just follow the others, or be yourself true?

What are you gonna see when you start to look at life?
Some kind of magic?
All I know is that I love you so...

You're so sweet when you have this funny face. You make me smile.
And it makes the world a better place for me and your mom, and everyone
Little heartbreaker you will turn out fine!

Whenever you are down, you can always turn to me.
I will try to guide you right, and be the best that I can be.
Get you back and up again. Let you know that I'm your friend.
And that I just love you so...

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